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Language courses

Since 2004 we offer you the following language courses:

Courses are held once a week from the second week in September to
the last week of June (18th September 2006 - 29th June 2007).
In our classrooms: 2288, Kollárova (ulice in the Zabloudil driving
school premises, behind Dvořák shopping mall.
Lesson: 2 x 45minutes, with groups of maximum of 8 students.
All our course books we use are in their original language + additional
materials with the conversational methods being stressed
in the lessons. We also emphasize listening activities and
a constant communication in the actual language with either the teacher
of other students in the class.
If you are not sure whether you have chosen the right course for you, you can easily try more of them during the first or second
week of your attendance for the price of one.
NOTE!!! No lessons on public holidays - 28th September 2006 a 17th November 2006,
25th December 2006 to 3rd January 2007. Children's courses - No lessons on school holidays, i.e. 26th - 27th October 2006,
23rd December - 7th January 2007 and 2nd February 2007.

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